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Unable to find the Parent Object

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Unable to find the Parent Object

Hi Guys,


I have been using Test Complete only from a few weeks now and testing desktop application built on Delphi. 


On creating on of the tests D.O.B needs to be entered through calender, though i have added checkpoint before selecting the calender that only if it is enabled then select calender but the tests fails and I am getting the error that the 


The parent object was not found:



Even on changing its recognition properties it is still throwing an error.  Could you please suggest what can be done ?


Thank You.

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It sounds like a timing issue.  There is some sort of delay, I'm assuming, between clicking on the calendar and having that drop down window appear.  You need to make sure that you use something like a WaitAliasChild to wait for the drop down or increase you Automatic Wait Timeout on your operation.

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