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Timing problem by using Key word test


Timing problem by using Key word test

Hi all,


We recodered a test by using key word test. The test looks like the followings:

1) on webpage 1, we need to choose param1 from combobox1 and param2 from combobox2

2) then click next to go to the webpage2, we will get the result1 which is decided by param1 and param2 from the webpage1

3) then click next and go to the webpage3, we will get the result2 which is decided by the result1 from the webpage2


By hand test, we don't have found any problem. But by running the key word test, the test will often throw the error in the different places.


We thought about this problem. It is possible that there is sometimes a time delay to show the result1 on webpage2 and result2 on the webpage3 becauseof the long calculation time. So, we add a "call object method" before we check the result1 on the webpage2 and result2 on the webpage3. (refresh the objects: result1 and result2 before propertycheck)


But we still get the similar error. When we debug step by step, no problem exists. We want to ask if there is some way 

to make the test complete wait until the new results come?





Community Hero

Try adjusting your auto-wait timeouts for the operations causing issues.


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Thank you very much

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