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6 years ago

Problem in DataSource while using testrunner.bat

I have a testsuite that containts a dataSource teststep which works perfectly when i launch it from soapUI but when i launch testrunner.bat i get this error on the dataSource teststep :

Status: FAIL
Time Taken: 17
Size: 0
Timestamp: Thu Apr 25 17:20:13 CEST 2019
TestStep: DataSource (Result too large)


any help would be really apperciated!


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    More details please? Not enough info available from the question.
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    Sorry for replying late,  im using an exel file as a dataSource, it wokrs fine when i launch the testCase from SoapUI but when i launch the project using testrunner.bat i get on that testCase

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      Hi ahabib,


      I suppose that more clarification is still required.

       - What file do you want to access from your test?

       - Can you open the file without SoapUI (for example, in Window Explore)?

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        its an exel file ,and i call open it from soapui and get values from it but it doesn't work when i use testrunner.bat.