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Testing setup for Java Desktop called by Web Start (.jnlp)

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Testing setup for Java Desktop called by Web Start (.jnlp)

How can I set up a TestComplete testing for a Java, Swing Desktop application that is activated from a browser by Web Start.  The JNLP file is attached.
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Hi Sako,

I think that you need to go through this help topic:
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I did the following:

1) right-click TestedApps in your Project window and click Add->New Item

2) select Web application

3) when it prompts you for the page url put in the http url from your jnlp file that ends with .jnlp

4) click Autorun on application recording checkbox so it launches your jnlp app automatically


In my case, I chose the Mozilla browser. When I click Append to Test, the Mozilla browser opens which immediately launches my jnlp app. I was attempting to launch it via Java Console, which is what I'm accustomed to, but I don't see a downside to this approach. It immediately began recording actions on my client launched via Mozilla. Pretty neat.


I have the Desktop and Web modules installed.


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