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Testcomplete running test on windows 7 machine far slower than it used to via distributed testing


Testcomplete running test on windows 7 machine far slower than it used to via distributed testing

I have a series of tests which I split across two machines, 50% run overnight on one machine and the rest on the other. Some of these tests are longer than others but overall it would take maybe 4-5 hours to run through them all. However recently I would start looking at the results in the morning and notice the tests had not finished, even after 8+ hours.

On inspection it seems that one of the machines (1 is windows 7 the other is windows 10) is going through the tests slower than it used to, as if there is a 10 second delay or something similar between every action when there isnt.

I have tried running the tests which typically run on the win7 machine on the win10 to see if maybe it was an issue with the tests but they run at normal speed on that machine. I checked the sdd/hdd of the win7 machine and rebooted it to see if that helped and it didnt.

The tests also are not failing or giving any errors in the results log, they still run and pass as expected, just almost 3 times as slow as it used to be, a once hour and a half test now takes roughly 4 hours!!

Any ideas/fixes are greatly appreciated.

Edit: Issue has been solved, the tests write to a csv file in a shared network folder but the troublesome machine had been disconnected from the network and every time it would try and write to this file it seemed to slow down more and more, once I connected back to the server it ran at normal speed.

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Good to know. Shows to go ya that sometimes the problem is a lot simpler than we expect it to be... guilty as charged here with over thinking things. 🙂

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