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Testcomplete 15 - upgrading the projects created from earlier version

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Testcomplete 15 - upgrading the projects created from earlier version

We have installed TestComplete 15 and TestExecute 15 on our machines. 

On TestExecute machines we are using batch script to run the projects . But TestExecute not able to invoke the project . We got the error 

TypeError: Cannot read property variables of undefined.


I looked at the documentation


Upgrading the project Interactively will be very time consuming as we have 80 project suites . what are the other options ?

Upgrading the project from the command line - can the command line upgrade all the 80 project suites together ?








Since a project suite is 1 command line argument, you would have to upgrade with the  /SilentMode and /ForceConversion arguments, 1 project suite at a time. 

In your use case, I think you could create a loop  batch file command that would simply run and convert all of the project suites. I imagine it would still be 1 projects suite at a time, but this way it would be done in an automated fashion. 


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Again it is more maintenance issue . As time goes on we will have more projects suites on the Way. For 80 project suites I have 80 command lines to invoke the project suites .

I am really surprised when the Testcomplete major version released - for e.g. from 14 to 15 then all the project sutes need to be converted. 

Do not understand if this is how they designed the product then they must provide some kind of utility that will convert all the project suites created in earlier version automatically by upgrading.




@nisgupta - 


You have made a great point here and this is something you could suggest to the product team through a feature request.


You can create a feature request here:


Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help



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