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Testcomplete 15 & Bitbar Integration

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Testcomplete 15 & Bitbar Integration



I've been using TestComplete 15 to automate and record on Android devices with the Bitbar integration. I currently ran into problems and was wondering if anyone has seen something similar?


As soon as I record or add a new test, TestComplete stops responding for around 5 seconds. When it starts responding and I click to do an action on the displayed Mobile Screen, TestComplete stops responding again for 5-10 seconds. This behavior will continue until I close the mobile screen window.


Some steps like for example opening the app on the device will take 1-2 minutes.


All this is even before I open the instrumented app on the phone. When I do that, the behavior is the same.


I've tried the following:

  • Using a different phone, both running Android 12 though

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Did these tests work properly on an earlier version of TestComplete? If so, which one?


Did these tests work properly on an earlier version of your application?

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Thank you for the reply @Marsha_R , this is my first time using Test Complete and this was the version I've installed when trying to do a POC of our mobile application. May I kindly know if there is a recommended older version from the list we have in our license manager?

The current TestComplete version I have is the 15.46.9. Thanks!

Since this is all new for you, I suggest contacting Support directly. Here's the link:



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