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Testcomplete 12.60 supported Windows and browser version


Testcomplete 12.60 supported Windows and browser version

Hi, we're currently testing a Qt5.12 application using TestComplete 12.60.

Recently, after a Windows 10 update (from build 1803 to 1903), we've experienced some issues when running our tests.


After some research on your website, I was unable to find information about the supported versions of Windows 10 and browsers. Can you tell me the lastest supported version by TestComplete 12.60 for Windows 10, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer ?


We're using :

 - Microsoft Windows 10 Business, 64-bit (10.0 Build 18362)

 - Chrome 64 bits version 75.0.3770.142

 - Firefox version 60.2.0

 - Edge version 44.18362.1.0

 - Internet Explorer version 11.0.18362.1


Thank you

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Note that these forums are basically places where users answer other users questions so, while SmartBear staff do reply, I think you might get a faster, more directed response from a direct query to the support staff, especially since this is a question concerning an older version of TC (most recent version is 14.10).


That said, you can start with and work on researching version history for the various TC 12.x versions.

I will say that, from my understanding, latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are PROBABLY not supported in TC 12.6.  Latest version of Chrome supported in 12.6 is 73.  Firefox is supported up through 65.  Edge is supported through 42.  


As for Windows 10, even TC 14 is running a LITTLE bit behind.  TC 14.10 is documented to support up through the October 2018 release.  So, I'm expecting that there will be an update soon.  

@TanyaYatskovska Can you add anything?

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Hi @GGuezet,


You will need to check the versions supported by TestComplete.

Here is what I've found:

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