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TestComplete8 AgentSVN and subversion

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TestComplete8 AgentSVN and subversion

I am trying to create a project with TestComplete8,AgentSVN and SVN (Empty repository on branches,trunks and tags..

When I am adding the project suite the SVNAgent asks for the Project Manager. I have also seen that the software is talking about projects. Is this som microsoft specific things about version handling ( I am quite new to SVN). When I create the project and opens up the Agent SVN repository tree and clicks on Lists button I get the following screen.


Projects in Repository: file:///C:/SVN_repository/SVNProject


1 mattkz okt 31 14:26 ./

1 mattkz okt 31 14:26 branches/

1 mattkz okt 31 14:26 tags/

1 mattkz okt 31 14:26 trunk/



Fully Qualified Project Locations


If the projects above where imported into the repository using

the 'trunk' postfix naming convention then the locations of these

projects need to include the trunk postfix details in order to

fully qualify the name.

Here is an example of a fully qualified project location:

1 mattkz okt 31 14:26 branches/trunk/

I have tries different ways to put input to the list but it does not work. WHat is projects and project managers and what shall I do in order to create my project in SVN ?

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TestComplete uses the concept of projects and project suites.

A project consists of several files: the "main" project file and a number of files that correspond to project items. The project file contains links to the project item files, which, in their turn, may contain links to other files (for instance, to the files that store individual keyword tests or script units).

A project suite is just a collection of projects. It consists of the "main" project suite file, which contains links to the project files, and a number of helper files.

To learn more about this issue, see the Project and Project Suite Files TestComplete help topic.

When adding a project or a project suite to the source control, besides the project or project suite file, you also need to add other project files. For more details, see the List of Files Added to Source Code Control TestComplete help topic.

This is what concerns TestComplete files. As for using Subversion, unfortunately, I cannot help here as I have not worked with it. I'd suggest that you ask your questions on the Subversion forums.

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