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TestComplete shows field values, then blanks them out.


TestComplete shows field values, then blanks them out.

I recorded a test. There are 3 date fields on my first screen of our Legacy Quoting System (pictures attached). When I return to Run the recorded test, Field values for the date fields appear to be entered , but then are blanked out when TestComplete encounters the GET QUOTE button. I have tried entering the fields manually and selecting the date from the calendar icon. Both have the same results in TestComplete.

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What action are you using in TC to enter the date?  Is it Keys or SetText, or something else?

Set Text, But I just tried Keys and it worked. Thanks.

You're welcome!  Keys emulates someone typing in the value.  I will use that most of the time and only switch to SetText (or something else) when Keys fails.

Marsha_R - The Keys idea was an easy solution that made a big difference in my testing. Thanks!

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