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TestComplete recording incorrect button


TestComplete recording incorrect button

I have recorded successfully 153 other tests on a software. The next few tests, I record the same way as before, except TestComplete plays back the wrong button even though the visualizer displays correctly. Instead of enacting the Next Step function, it enacts the Previous Step button. Visualizer and script do not match.


From what I can see, it appears that the buttons are defined well for capture.


Remove Traveler button


Previous Step button


Next Step button




Champion Level 3

Thanks for those screenshots.


If you turn Debug on and step through this area of your test one line at a time, does the test work as expected?

Recorded with Debug on. On the Traveler Information screen, the playback selected the Remove Traveler button and then failed the test.

Could it be that since the Remove Traveler Button and the Next Step button are named the same, that the playback selects the first of the two named "Button (0)"?

If so, then I need the Developers help to fix before continuing.


Do you know if TestComplete uses the Standard naming properties or the Extended naming properties when recording?

Also, I went back to other recorded tests in the same software and the Standard and Extended properties of those buttons all match the area that I am have problems. So, not sure what the developers could do now.

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