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TestComplete integreation - ReadyAPI vs WesServices project Items


TestComplete integreation - ReadyAPI vs WesServices project Items



We currently have a TestComplete, ReadyAPI and QAComplete.  What I would like to know is there a different or a reason to use the Project Items (ReadyAPI or WebServices) within TestComplete?


Which is better and are there pros/cons?





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The ReadyAPI project item allows you to run your ReadyAPI tests from TestComplete.  So, you develop your tests in ReadyAPI and then just call them from within your TestComplete project.


The WebServices object does api/webservices testing but, as I understand it, it doesn't have the robust feature set that ReadyAPI does. You can do WebServices testing with it and execute such tests, but since you already have the ReadyAPI tool, I think you'll get a better bang for your buck to use that.

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