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TestComplete functionality from within applications

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TestComplete functionality from within applications


I recall reading somewhere that TestComplete allows applications to be written in such a way that users can in the event of an error record their keystrokes (+ a screen shot maybe?) and send the resulting file to the HelpDesk/development team for correction. Now, my question is where is that "somewhere". Can anyone help, or I was reading it in my dreams?

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There is a tool kit available called TestRecorder that consists of components that can be integrated into an application for doing precisely what you want.  If you have a TestComplete Enterprise edition, you already have a license for that.  If not, you will need to purchase one.  Please contact the AQA sales team.

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Thanks Robert. We have the TestRecorder but I haven't looked into it yet as testified by my previous email!

By the way, does TestRecorder purely capture keystrokes and mouse movements or it also allows for example more complex activities such as capturing of screen shots to allow the helpdesk to see what was displayed at a given time during the user action?

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Hi Dooost,

TestRecorder can record only user actions such as clicks, keystrokes, etc.

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