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TestComplete doesn't recognized the instrumented app

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TestComplete doesn't recognized the instrumented app



I have a new build for an app. After instrumented with TestComplete and installed it to the device via the TestedApp.


I open the "Object Browser" and undere the Mobile | Device there is nothing.


It was working well with a previous version of the app.



Is there something to make it happen?


It's blocked me from the test now.




Anh Vu

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Did anything else change?  If you put your old build back, does it still run?

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Is it iOS or Android application?

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It's Android and they said they not support for the build because the build using the Multidex technology and Kotlin.


"Your Android apps are built using the Multidex technology and Kotlin - we don't support this. In other words, it's not possible to instrument such Android apps in the TestComplete UI."


However I can instrument it BUT NOT ABLE TO DEPLOY IT TO THE DEVICE.

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First of all, please don't yell.  We all get frustrated at times, but there's no need for that here.


Second, is that an answer that you got from TestComplete Support?  If so, then you need to go further with them. If they are telling you that it's not supported, then no one here can tell you something different. We are just volunteers helping out. 


That being said, someone else here could have a workaround.  That's happened before. 

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