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TestComplete and Mobile App on Samsung Tablet


TestComplete and Mobile App on Samsung Tablet

Hello, I am running TC V15.0379...


I have a number of tests that run against a Samsung Tablet that is connected via USB to my PC.... also, many of the tests are Legacy if you will, in that they were created/developed in TC "pre-V15"... currently they all run dine and dandy.... but.... if I replace the current Samsung Tablet with another... will I have to do something to the scripts, TC itself and/or the physical tablet to get the existing tests to execute?  


So, basically, scripts run great.  But If I unplug tablet "A" and plug in the new Tablet "B"... what will I have to do to get these existing tests to run on the new tablet?


          Thank You.


                             Ron F.


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What happened when you tried?

Have not yet received the new tablet... but am thinking ahead, as to what it will take when it does arrive.  Am thinking I will have to do some prep work on the new tablet?  Not sure yet.  Surely it can't be as simple as unplugging the old and plugging in the new?  Be nice if it was... and maybe it is.  Definitely will try and see what happens when the new one arrives.


Thanks though.


                             Ron F.


Hi Ron,


Have you went through this help section: ?


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Hi Alex, yes, have since reviewed this, thanks.


Was kind of hoping I would not have to do all those steps again, Lol.  But, reckon it makes sense.


 Thanks again!


                              Ron F.


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