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TestComplete Service REST API - Prepare your project suite step

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TestComplete Service REST API - Prepare your project suite step



I am trying to use REST API to trigger tests on Remote PC using TC service REST API feature.  Enabled it executing the batch file.


Getting "The specified data is not a valid ZIP file" message when I try to generate ID using POST/Suites through swagger in the 1st step of Prepare your project suite.


Zip file structure image is attached.

swagger image is also attached.

Let me know where am I going wrong or am I missing any step.


Even tried changing the folder structure mentioned in below link still the respone is failure.


Following the below url



Manu G


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You send a path to a zip file. But the body parameter is "a sequence of bytes". I think there is no way to send such request from the current swagger page. 

Try to use some other tool for this. For example 'curl.exe' console tool. Read curl documentation and find how to send a file.

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Thanks for the post. Looking into Curl as well as Postman to solve my problem

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