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TestComplete - Network Suite - Host Verification Failure


TestComplete - Network Suite - Host Verification Failure

Hello  - 

   As I am trying to find a solution to this issue myself I thought I would branch out and try to tap the infinite pool of knowledge the people in this community have. 

Problem is I cannot get a networked host machine to get verified successfully when I click Verify on the Host tab in my Network Suite of my Master Project . See screenshot attached for error returned. 

Supporting info, e.g., setup: the Host machine is in our network and I can connect to it via RDP with no issues. Please see image for specific details Ive setup in TC. 

Any help is appreciated. 

TC Host Failure.png


Hi Chris,


Yes the new Ports would be shown in the NetworkSuite Options as well.

Just use the Ports shown in the NetworkSuite and you will be fine.

I guess you have an older Version of TestComplete, just keep in mind that those could change after an update.


Keep us updated if it works out for you. 




Actually - no I have the most recent version. Ive gone to Help > Check for Updates and according to that, Im current. 

Thats really weird, since version 14 my ports changed to 6095-6097.

Maybe someone from the Support Team could shed some light on this.

However just stick on the Ports shown on your NetworkSuite and you should be fine.




Hi - a little bit of a backstory, I rarely shut down my pc. I restarted it today. When I started TC, I did receive a message about a new version. 14.10

This is odd because prior to me restarting my machine, when i went to Help > Check for updates, it said I was up to date. Is this new version installable? When I now goto Help > Check for updates it merely takes me to the website to a 'whats new' page. There is no option to install this update. Does anyone know if this new version is available for install?


Yes, 14.10 was released this morning.

Just access your account at and install the update.




Thats probably why i cant install it....not a paid customer yet. Evaluating this tool and as you can probably tell, there have been some issues that are currently roadblocks to a purchase. 

When I goto - I have to supply a customer id, which I do not have. 

Thanks for the reply.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Southpaw,

You can try to request the trial one more time - you should get a new installation file for the same trial license. If this doesn't work, please contact your account manager or the Sales team here:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Hello all - well I figured I might as well provide an update, a well deserved update as so many of you have extended your helping hand to me regarding this issue. I am going to be unable to test the features and capabilities of TestComplete as they apply to Distributed / Parallel Testing processes. This is due to a setting that needs to be disabled as per the Dist Testing Requirements found here.

It is item 5 Disable Secure Login. This Windows setting is under a security policy that is company-wide here. This is not something that is easy to make an exception for since it is a part of the image(s) on all machines within the network the application under test will be residing. 

I have found that the myriad of requirements / settings/ modifications that need to be satisfied in order for a Master Project computer for example, to communicate w a Slave Project computer(s) to be quite lengthy and technical to say the least. There are upwards of a dozen such requirements. When you compare this approach to other tools' requirements/ preparations needed to facilitate distributed testing, you become rather frustrated and very disappointed. One example, MicroFocus' ALM; the requirements are only a handful - install a 'lab agent' on all remote hosts, start the service then add machine name, a user and passwrd to the host pool page (same as the Network Suite > Hosts tab in TC) and then you're in business. No reaching out to the Security Team, Desktop Engineering in an escalation from Desktop Support and having to explain to Director level resources why you need such a change, etc...  

PLAN B: Im now going to look into letting the integration to TFS (via MSVS) be the controlling entity of the remote hosts, to test parallel testing capabilities of TC. Off the top of my head Im thinking of having a TC Project per Business Area of our AUT. Then creating a Build Definition for each TC Project and it will have one remote host per project. Im rather new to the world of TFS so my terminology may be off. So apologies if anyone is confused. This actually brings me to my next request, if there a thread on this topic I just explained that ya'll know of, please share the link if you dont mind. 

Again, thanks for all the help.



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