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TestComplete \ Azure DevOps : Trying to understand how to setup and use

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TestComplete \ Azure DevOps : Trying to understand how to setup and use

I am looking for some guidance on using Azure DevOps and TestComplete.


TestComplete\Testexecute 14.6

Hyper-V Win10 OS (As Master\Agent)


I currently run Team City Jobs that go to a Master and from through a Networking Job\Tasks to Slaves for distributed testing.


How can the above concept be done with Azure DevOps ? or can it ?


Or is Azure DevOps used to run scripts in a different concept:

Individually, By Project, Tag, Test Item group?


I am also trying to get a Pipeline setup to execute a test script, but block here due to something not setup correctly yet.  The Test filter criteria is a little confusing to understand how to set up. Cannot find a test to run?

I have a TestComplete\TestExecute elevated privilege issue also.  My UAC is set to low.


I am aware of the 2 links for TestComplete and Azure DevOps and the internal SmartBear documentation.


Is there any other materials, videos, webinars, etc. to go to that provides additional info.

Examples ?



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@jkrolczy  I have a suggestion, could you check that the project is copied to the repository and is copied to the agent. 

As for the Test filter criteria - this is not obligatory. The whole project can be run.  

I've also made our Doc Team aware that these articles can be improved.

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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