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TestComplete 14.71 vs. 14.72 project code usage ?

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TestComplete 14.71 vs. 14.72 project code usage ?

If I update to TestComplete 14.72, open up my TestComplete 14.71 project code.

Use it, Save it.

If I am on another computer with TestComplete 14.71, and use the project code

just used in TestComplete 14.72, will I have any compatibility issues.


I have multiple Hyper-Vs that are on 14.5, some upgraded to 14.71.

And now recently 14.72 came out.


Just trying to understand any compatibility issues here between 14.71 and 14.72.


I store my project code in Git, so project code code be used between the 2 versions

from a Team City job.



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Hi James,


'What's New in TestComplete 14.72' does not mention something that I would expect to break backward-compatibility. Also, usually, TestComplete projects are backward-compatible within one major version. So I would not expect major problems.

But I obviously cannot guarantee this. So, remember of backups.


  /Alex [Community Hero]
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Thanks Alex,


I would agree with that as well.

Of all the years with TestComplete, everything within a Major release version and it's minor versions should work

for backward compatibility.


Seeing the part where 'Test Items' moved to 'Execution Plan' had me thinking this could be one of those times where functionality was thrown off.

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