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TestComplete 14.0 Crash - References aqDbgHelp.dll


TestComplete 14.0 Crash - References aqDbgHelp.dll

On my Windows 10 desktop, TC 14.0 appears to run fine, including Object Spy.  However, we also use Windows 10 VMs and there, executing tests is so slow it is mostly unusable.  I end up stopping execution or it has crashed a handful of times over the last few days.  Trying to use Object Spy while in a "paused" state seems to make things even worse.  It may take 10 minutes for the red outline highlighter to appear, if at all.   Today, I finally paid attention to the error:  "TestComplete has encountered an error in module unloaded aqDbgHelp.dll and needs to close.


Also, I reinstalled TC 14.0.  When trying at first the uninstaller said a TC process was open.  However, no such process existed (at least with TestComplete in the name).  I restarted the VM and then was able to continue the reinstall.  It was like a ghost process reference lingered.  Anyway, the end result was no help.

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I suggest contacting Support directly.  You can use this link:

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