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Test Complete not able to recognize buttons on Overlay page in Firefox

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Test Complete not able to recognize buttons on Overlay page in Firefox


I want to click on Save & confirm button which lies on Overlay page.

I am using firefox..

Even with DOM ,Test complete some times recognize these buttons & sometimes it doesnt


Following code is used for clikcing Save button

Set window = Browser.Page(Commons.getEnvUrl & "*")

set window=Browser.Page(Commons.getEnvUrl & "onlineadvice/dashboard.act?*")

set overlay_window = window.NativeWebObject.Find("id","Form(""frmEdAcct"")")

Call overlay_window.Drag(765, 111, -12, 436)

set save_butt=window.NativeWebObject.Find("name", "Image(""okstdbr"")")


Following code is used for clikcing on Confirm button

set & "onlineadvice/dashboard.act?*")

set Confirm_object = w1.Panel("dialogbox_c").Panel("dialogbox").Panel(1).Panel(0).Frame(0).Panel("page").Form("frmEdPos").Table(1).Cell(0, 0).Link(0).Image("confirmstdbr"), 17)

-It is able to recognize object sometime & clicks on it also but it is not consistent

Same code is working with IE .Please suggest!!
Sonia Thukral

Hi Sonia,

We tried to reproduce the problem on a sample overlay page displayed in Firefox 3.5.3, but failed. 

1. Can the problem be reproduced on a public site? If it cannot, could you please provide us with access to the problematic web page? You can submit a request via our Contact Support form and specify the access details in the request.

2. We will need your project suite - zip your entire project suite folder along with the log of the failed test execution and attach the archive to the request. Make sure that the latest log of the failed test execution corresponds to the latest version of your test (there have been no modifications in the test since the last test log was generated).

3. Let me know the version of Firefox you are using.

Thanks in advance.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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