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Taking time to object identification in testcomplete 14.4 through chrome browser


Taking time to object identification in testcomplete 14.4 through chrome browser

Sys.Process(g_strBrowserType).Page("*") we are using but it checking all process for chrome and identifying object taking time.same script will run in ie 2 minutes but in chrome more than 15 minutes. Chrome Version is 80

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Did You try t use NameMapping instead of directly access Sys memory vaules?

In addition to @Wamboo  question,  which kind of check do you make ? TC xpath or TC specific ?  Xpath is very slow and especially on Chrome.


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And Page('*') means that you're searching, basically, all pages....  which, if you have a bunch of tabs open, can take a bit.

And Find and XPath logic do a search, scanning the object tree... which can take some time.  That's why TestComplete has NameMapping.  The engine for NameMapping is much more processor efficient that those other methods and can speed up your work.  So, yes... why not NameMapping?

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Thanks everyone for helping here.


@Babulu Did you resolve the issue? Please update us on your progress, and we will see how we can help. Thank you.

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I got the solution for chrome browser . Because of Chrome version 80 and TestComplete 14.4 version is not working for Xpath, Its working for fullname. Xpath is taking time to identifying the object.But fullname is very fast to identify the objects very fast

same chrome browser we are using another appliation. That application is very fast to identify the objects and execution but related to flex  and java related application is very very slow to idnetify the obects.

yes soniya i got the solution for that. Thanks for sending reply my message

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