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TCHookX86.exe' process: Access is denied


TCHookX86.exe' process: Access is denied

Error: Failed to start the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 12\Bin\TCHookX86.exe' process: Access is denied

 We are running the test from a jenkins server. We encounter this error yesterday. Any idea about it? 

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Did the test ever run in Jenkins?  If so, can you still run the test outside Jenkins? 


Did permissions change for that file or its folders?


Did your antivirus pick up that file and start blocking it?

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Hi, Issue is now resolved. Our Admin migrate the licenses we are using I think that cause the issue. 

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What if we change the destination folder? and also, Ownership has been changed to the System owner. Will that makes any difference?


Can you please let us know asap? We cant save the exe file in some other folder too. It gives the 64/83(32) error.



Subash P


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Hi @Subbu235,

Thanks for your post.

This is quite an old thread, and the issue you faced might have other causes. Could you please create a separate topic and describe in detail what you do, what the desired behavior is? Also, please post the full text of the error. 

This information will help the Community a lot better understand the issue. 

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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