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TC7 does not detect thunderRT6Textbox


TC7 does not detect thunderRT6Textbox

Hi I am having a problem with TC. Apparently it is a test for adding multiple
users on our database.

When I playback my keyword test TC does not seem
to detect our thunderRT6Textbox. TC only detects it if I login on my application
and then launch the thunderRT6Textbox it works fine but if I run the test while
the application is open TC does not detect it. In the log file too it reports
successfully and skips the thunderRT6Textbox steps.

I checked the name
mapping and set it as a required child but nothing happens.

I will
attach pictures of it to add more clarity,

01. png - The highlighted
ones in red are the ones that test complete fails to detect

log.png - log
file that returns successful. In the log file it does not display the 4 text
boxes(it was skipped) and the checkbox displays it is already checked when it
was not yet checked.

Hope you can shed some light to this.

Hi Rachelle,

As far as I know, you sent the same query to our Support Team via our Contact Support form. Let's continue working via e-mail.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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Hi, no apparent solution has been found why it was not detected. I was suggested that I should upgrade to TC8 and I did but same thing occurs. Is this a known issue?

Hi Rachelle,

We have received the corresponding message from you. Let's continue working via e-mail.

Customer Care Manager
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