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TC12 slow Property Checkpoints


TC12 slow Property Checkpoints

I am currently upgrading my tests from TC11 to TC12 and notice a debilitating change in the behaviour of Property Checkpoints.


Tests are getting slower (one test that runs in 7:13 mins in TC11 takes 17:30 mins in TC12). The delay is due to (some) Property Checkpoints that take (exactly?!) 10 secs longer to run.


I've managed to remove the problem one place in my test. (Inspired by this workaround . This is from 2014, which indicates it relates to TC9 or 10, but I did not have this problem TC11). I checked for a property, which was in the DOM, but on a hidden drop-down. By hovering the control to make it visible, the time to do the Property Checkpoint went down from 11-12 secs to 1-2 secs.


A similar but more serious problem occurs when I have a Property Checkpoint that waits for an element. I have checkpoints that usually take 2-5 secs, most of which was actual waiting time for the condition to be the case, which now takes the same amount + 10 secs. I even have a test that times animations that take 4 secs, which is hard when the check takes over 10 secs :-s


Most of my checkpoints uses the ClassName as property to check for. I tried to change my auto-wait timeout (in every possible way) as I noticed that it too was set to 10 secs, but this did not fix the problem.

Has anyone else seen this performance bug? Is there a work-around or a patch?


Yours sincerely,

Søren Harder, QA/Test engineer (automation), Zmags

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