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TC 7.52 working with Delphi App - New crash behavior

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TC 7.52 working with Delphi App - New crash behavior

I'm running into an odd crash resulting from a FindChild call, and working with the object returned.  Here's the function that's triggering it:

function slxCoreFind(property, value, depth) {

  var control, found;

  if (depth == undefined)

    depth = 30;

  found = Sys.Process("SalesLogix").FindChild(property, value, depth);

  if (found != null && found.Exists && IsSupported(found, "FullName"))

    return found.FullName;


return null;


It appears the application (SalesLogix) is crashing when I try to examine the found object that was returned by FindChild.  After the app crashes, I can still examine the found object (by setting a break point), and it appears to have managed to find the object, though of course the RPC server is showing up as unavailable due to the crash.

This script worked under TC 7.51

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Looking at the bug fixes for 7.52, this may be related to changes to the Caption property.  I'm using Windows XP, and the code above is being called with the following parameters:

property = "Caption"

value = "Add Opportunity"

depth = undefined

So effectively it's calling FindChild("Caption", "Add Opportunity", 30), since depth is defaulted to 30 earlier in the function.

Could this be a side effect of the changes to make the Caption property perform correctly in Windows 7?
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I decided to examine the caption property for the objects which are loaded when this happens.  After scrolling through a few hundred objects, I came across something indicating it's part of "WMS Notif Engine", where the Caption property was "W ?||??", and when I copied that caption into Wordpad it had several line breaks in it.

Windows Media Server (WMS) seems to be involved with the Microsoft Script Debugger, as well as MAPI/Outlook.  Anyone ever run into this?
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Since this may be Microsoft Script Debugger related, here are the relevant MS products I have installed:

Visual Studio 2008 (SP 1)

Windows XP (SP 3)

Native SQL Client

Office 2007

Hello Christopher,

Currently, it is difficult to guess what affects the problem. To help us investigate it, please follow the steps below to collect the needed additional information:

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