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7 years ago

Delphi Grid view property is not working



Our application under test is Delphi application created by 3rd party. When I try to do name mapping for a Grid object(VCL Object - TLMKGridMaintenanceGridSite). For this object, we need to insert rows and enter details on the same. When I try to access wValue to fetch or set values for rows, I am getting error that

"The object with the specified attributes does not exist".  There is one property called GridView which is an object and it contains the components. But without inserting a row and setting focus on that particular cell, I am not able to use that property.

For setting the focus on that particular cell, we do not have any specific methods.


We have multiple GRID objects with this class and I am not able to find the parent windows class for the same. As this is developed by 3rd party, I am not able to contact dev team for the same. Could you please help me in this..

  • Hi,


    We have found a way to resolve this issue. 

    Go to Gridview property of the object-> zBands->VisibleItems->Column->setEditValue


    This works for all the grid objects in our application.

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