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TC 12.60: NameMapping editor does not show nested properties anymore

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TC 12.60: NameMapping editor does not show nested properties anymore



I have come across this issue, while evaluating TestComplete V.12.60:


The NameMapping view allows to manually choose the properties of mapped items. In TC V.12.50 that included properties that where present in underlying objects.

In TC V.12.60 however such objects are no longer shown in the list of available properties. They are still shown in the Object Browser and if a mapped item does already possess a nested identification criteria from earlier TC versions, the recognition does still work.


So, the question is: Could this be a new issue or am I just missing a new option or behavior change?


A Screenshot for clarification:




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I suggest that you contact Support directly for this question.  Here's a link:

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I came around to take a first look at TestComplete 14 in which this issue is no longer present.


Since I very much doubt, that there will be bugfixes in older versions, I might as well continue evaluating TC14.



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