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SuccessTestCount is not updating in description.tclogfile

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SuccessTestCount is not updating in description.tclogfile



I'm trying to use the description.tclog file to get the summary of the test execution . But if export the test logs as .mht file , many fields like success test count , error test count values are not getting updated in log file and remains to be zero. Can you please help me on this.


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Does anyone know the answer for this?  I am finding that if I do a Log.SaveResultsAs(tempFolder, lsXML); from the final test that several of the attributes in the Description.tcLog are not correct.  "error test count" is always 0 in the exported results even if several tests have already failed.



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I tried calling Log.SaveToDisk() right before I call Log.SaveResultsAs() hoping that it would flush the buffer but I am still seeing some of the values in description.tclog set to 0.


After TestComplete finishes, the log file is updated with the correct values but I need to know how many test cases have failed when I call Log.SaveResultsAs().

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The same question is discussed here:


Let's keep the conversation in one thread.

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