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Stuck on Synchronizing <internal> after TestProject is finished

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Stuck on Synchronizing <internal> after TestProject is finished



We have several Project Suites and want to run them on several VMs. There is no need of synchronization between the tests, therefore we have chosen the parallel testing with NetworkSuites. No syncronization point are defined in the Network Suites, but we always get the problem with the Synchronizing <internal>. Here is the set up:

One master project with two hosts, one job with two tasks (for each host). Each task is a Project Suite with several Test Projects in it. And the problem:

taks 1: the first Test Project of the Project Suite 1 is running

task 2: the first Test Project of the Project Suite 2 is finished and paused until the first Project of the Project Suite in task 1 is also finished.


Is there a way that there is no synchronization after the Test Projects and they do not wait for each other?



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Thank you for posting your query here r_ahmakov!


Any ideas hot to implemment this @AlexKaras , @Marsha_R , @tristaanogre , @Wamboo ? Any help is appreciatedSmiley Happy

Sonya Mihaljova
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I suppose TestComplete on the master machine just waits for all test to display the summary log. It's expected that TestComplete doesn't display a log for an individual task as soon as it is finished. 


If you do not have sync points, the execution should not be paused. 

Yuriy Peshekhonov
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