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Strange Search Results for an Object

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Strange Search Results for an Object

Hello, so I have this object as per the picture I am searching for.

It exists and is visible (although for some reason it is greyed out in the object window, but when I click on the object in the object window it changes to black as normal)


If I try and find the object using the Name = 'SwingObject("JButton", Close", 3)' I can find it just fine.

However, I wanted to find via other parameters in case the 3 every changes.

So I searched for it using AWTComponentAccesibleName = "Close" and other combinations


None of these find the object - which I don't understand.  In both cases I am used the same find function, refresh is true, layers is 100.




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Take a close look at the AWTComponentAccessibleName value in your screenshot. To me, it looks like there's an extra space in front  " Close" rather than "Close".  Try searching with the extra space or doing a Trim on the value.


If that doesn't help, you can try putting a wildcard in for your index value =3 in your original search so any index will match.  That might not work depending on the page you are searching.  

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Dang, I think you are right re the space.  Thank you.

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