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Startup of application within a Docker Container

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Startup of application within a Docker Container



Has anyone tried to start a desktop application within a Docker container?  We do development on our local machines in a Docker environment.


Can I pass a powershell script name which starts my docker environment and starts my desktop app to TestComplete?




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Here's how to run a Powershell script from TestComplete.  It doesn't know what's in the script, so this should work for you.


Try it and let us know what happens!

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Thanks for the link on running Powershell scripts. Here's my followup question:

I'm creating tests only by using the "Record" function. We're not writing any scripts (yet).

Do I have to convert the Test to a script first, then add the "getActiveXObject("WScript.Shell").Run("powershell -file C:\\MyScript.ps1");" command? Or is it something different?



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You can use Run Code Snippet inside a keyword test in order to execute a script.

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Thanks for all the suggestions so far.  I'm not quite there, but getting close:


I created a script that runs my powershell script which starts my docker container and runs a command to start my app:

function StartNav()
{"powershell -file C:\\users\rons\desktop\Start-NAV.ps1")


When I run the command directly in Windows 

powershell -file C:\\users\rons\desktop\Start-NAV.ps1


My app starts correctly and the opening page in my app is displayed as I expect it.

When I run the above script inside TestComplete,  the app does not start, but the Script Test Log is successful (but empty).

I see the Powershell window open briefly, but it disappears too quickly, so I can't see if there are any errors.


I searched the Community and saw a couple of references from several years ago to running TestComplete as Administrator, which I also tried with the same result.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?



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