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SmartBear x64 hook installer

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SmartBear x64 hook installer

Due to various factors (coronavirus, working from home, etc.) we have been unable to upgrade from TestComplete 11 to TestComplete 14. I hope you can still help me with a problem I am having.


I have recently been supplied with a nice new laptop (Windows 10) which I had to install TestComplete. There were no issues with the installation and accessing the Sentinel Admin Control Center soon had me linking to the licence server and running TestComplete.


When I start using TC everything works fine but when I select the Object Browser, either via the Object Spy or directly TC slows down. It can take up to 10 seconds for a mouse action to be actioned, e.g. Click "Point and fix" in the object Spy then move the mouse pointer to a screen object there is a long delay before the object is highlighted.


I investigated a number of possibilities for the cause of the problem. It was when I displyed the Task Manager that I saw that "SmartBear x64 hook installer" was taking up to 25% of CPU loading when the delays were occuring.

Is there something I missed during installation? Is there anything I can do to speed up "SmartBear x64 hook installer"?

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I was running TC 11.0 when I encountered the problem. I found an installation file for TC 11.31 so upgraded.

"SmartBear x64 hook installer" is no longer an issue

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