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SessionCreator / ExportLog

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SessionCreator / ExportLog



I'm using TeamCity for CI and after the execution, I'm getting log files to see the results. I'm using SessionCreator.exe commands from this documentation


I have several question about /ExportLog:file_name (or /el:file_name) command.


1.   Log file name convention – can we use a cmd line (DOS) parameter to insert current date/time in the output file names as part of the cmd line execution?

2.   Do we create a new log every time (overwriting the previous one) or at least make a backup of the last one before creating a new one?

3.  Do we clean up other items in the folder (e.g. report files, etc.) or keep creating new ones in the same folder for a certain duration before we manually(?) clean them up? 


Thank you for your answers.

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Did you try any of the things you asked about?  What happened when you did?


1. /ExportLog argument should be able to take in cmd line variables (idk exactly what DOS stands for, but I've used env. variables from diff. agents and thats worked i.e things like {WORKSPACE} or etc. when using some sort of an agent based capability from other CI tools)

2. if you are time stamping your logs, this would be irrelevant. as a matter of fact, if there is a preexisting file with the same name- your command will error out (kind of a quirk of the session creator utility)

3. per the second comment of (2), I would suggest including a first set of commands to clean up the designated report folder using something like 

CD "your_report_dir"
DEL /F/Q/S *

such that you dont get the exportlog error of preexisting report file 

Justin Kim
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