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Running few projects in Project Suite

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Running few projects in Project Suite

Hi Guys,


I have 10 projects in Suite that shares the common unit let's say Unit1. 

Now, Units1 have four //USEUnits defined //USEUNIT1, 2 and so on...

Two projects in the suite do not have units linked to //useunit2 and //useunit3 that are defined in Unit1, other projects have those units as well.

Now when I double click on Project Suite, it open the screen where it lets you enable or disable projects from suite so that when you run the suite, it will only include those projects that were checked Enabled. SO, the two projects that do not have some units have Enabled checkbox unchecked.

Now when I run the project, it is throwing error that project does not include unit linked to //useunit2. 

My question is, when the projects are not enabled, then why those projects are being checked at runtime. and what's the solution. I cannot delete those projects from the suite, but do not want to run them either.


Thanks in advance!

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The quick but inelegant solution is to add or comment out the offending link as needed to get the error to go away.


You can ask Support and see if there's a better way around it. Here's their link:


They may ask you to add a Feature Request.  Here's that link:


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