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Remote desktop session got locked up after certain time

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Remote desktop session got locked up after certain time

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I have a test set which has a lot of test cases. I launched the test set from QAComplete, but from the screenshots in the run history reports I see half of the test cases were failed because of remote desktop were locked. Is there any settings I need to configure to keep the remote session always unlocked? I have a script to keep the remote session active all the time if I run the test set directly from TestComplete, but how can I keep the remote session active through QAComplete?


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Desktops getting locked are usually either a local setting on the desktop for timing out on inactivity or in a network security group policy.  You should probably check, first, with your network/security adminsitrators to determine if there is a group policy and, if so, if it can be turned off for your automation environment.

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Thank you tristaanogre!


@whuang does this help?

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