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Region checkpoint - update region

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Region checkpoint - update region

Hi everyone,

I need to execute tests with small differences and compare the results.

So in the first execution i need to update a region and in the second execution

to compare the previously saved region with the active window.

Is there a possibility to change the 'Update regions' option automatically

between the two executions?

Thanks in advance !  

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No, I don't believe so.  Consider that as a "compiler" option when compiling an application.  It makes changes to the automation run at the time it starts rather than a dynamically changing value as it goes.

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Thank you @tristaanogre !

I have achieved what I needed with a combination of

Regions.Remove + Regions.AddPicture in the first test

and a standard Region checkpoint in the second test



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Thank you tristaanogre!


@JovanaS  Great job. Thank you for sharing your approach.

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