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6 years ago

Region checkpoint

I am going into Record Script and I add an image check, I have no numbers in the name at all (every post I read about this says something about number in the front) and I do a comparision mask. Everything works fine for a short time, I am able to see the log and test the region check and it finds the image just fine. I come back to the test a little later and try to run it again and it says "The region checkpoint "name" failed. See Additional Information for details". I check Addictional Info and it says: "Cannot get a picture object from the input parameter.". Nothing has change in the program and I have no idea why it would work at first and then not work later. I have tried creating the checkpoint and closing the program and the checkpoint worked correctly so I am not sure what is going on here. 

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    6 years ago

    I found a much better solution. Instead of using the Aliases name mapping you can delete that and use the Sys.Process name mapping and that way you can edit the object name mapping with a wild card.

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  • I see what is happening, the window is being renamed window2, or window1 ect and the regional checkpoint is looking for a specific window. 

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      What it sounds like is that your original mapping of the object contains information that varies from test run to test run.  You should edit your mapping to account for dynamic property values, either by finding more static values to identify the object or using wildcards in the property values to account for the dynamic portions.