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Recorded script not recognized by Test Complete

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Recorded script not recognized by Test Complete

Hi! I have Test Complete version 7.51.

I run my batch of tests at night and they were running fine but now Test Complete doesn't seem to be recognizing the script and it gives all sorts of different errors.

For example:

1. Even when the action of maximizing the window is performed, test complete gives the following error:

"The window does not respond".

2. The naming of some objects look wrong. A box that was named dlgSelectProjectFile is now being named by Test Complete as dlgGeneralFilmLoopOptions which is another box from another process.

3. Script that was doing a certain action is now doing something else. Please see attached.

4. I record a section of a test and when I try to re-run it, Test
Complete won't recognize it and gives error. (related to number 2)

We don't know if these errors are related to the same problem or not. We think nothing changed in the software we are testing. We might be wrong. I guess we want to know at least were to start looking for a solution to these errors.

Can you help us fix this?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Lourdes,

As far as I know, our Support Team has already answered to your question. We will continue working with you via e-mail.

Best regards,

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