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Recognizing object name reference

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Recognizing object name reference

Im testing desktop which im checking multple screen in the application.

for one of the screen while recording  for search an component i have used keyboard which was recorded as ^f(control+F) this script when i execute indvidually it will work but when i run in group it is unable to recognize the ^f  object with respect the  screen  

so i have updated this script with options Edit-->find in the same screen which works in group along with individual again after some multiple group run i find same issue with Edit-->find object too


im question is why either of this object faces issue during group execution while already it was a recognizing object which is mapped and same state of the application is present when it is executing as same as when it was recorded .kindly help me on this issue

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "group" execution.


What it sounds like is that you are dealing with a timing issue.  Keep in mind that TestComplete executes at full speed.  So, you need to make sure that you apply appropriate "wait" code to make sure that you are waiting for the target object of your "key" command.

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Hi ,

Group execution i meant is when this particular script is included in   batchrun execution of 600 scripts


 i will include wait for this script and update you about result



Thanks for the suggestion


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