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Re: 14.3 -> 14.4 Upgrade Project Compatibility?


Re: 14.3 -> 14.4 Upgrade Project Compatibility?

I recently upgraded to 14.4 but our project is taking forever to open. Is this normal and did you guys encounter this?


When we upgraded from 12 to 14 I dont remember it taking this long. I'm currently staring at the VM we upgraded to open up the project Smiley Frustrated

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Is it the first time you've opened the project since you've done the upgrade?  If not, is it taking a long time every time?


You might take a look and see if you have a lot of log files or image files saved.  Those can take a long time to load.

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It is the first time im opening it since upgrading.


I opened the project before upgrading and it was fine. not sure whats causing this 😞

We figured it out, apparently 14.40 could not load some KWTs that were in to 50+MB file size. also our fault for letting our KWT get to that level. Removing it from the KeywordTests.tcKDT file fixed it.


Thanks for the suggestions!

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