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Ramp Up Statistics

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Ramp Up Statistics


(1) I was hoping that the ramp up feature would give us a graph to tell us the following: when we increase the number of concurrent user, how does the application behave. What I was expecting for the graph is something like: x = number of concurrent users (not total users), y = performance (kb/s). Even with v 7.5, it doesn't seem to do this.

(2) Right now, the only way I can think of to have something similar to this is to create a bunch of load tests calling the same HTTP task, and assign each test different number of virtual users.

Is there a way to achieve what I want in (1) with v 7.5? How about v 7.0?

Hello Huong,

TestComplete cannot provide the statistics you need - it does not track the number of users that are active at a given moment.

The approach you suggested in (2) should work for you - use the same result group name to have all of your results on the same Load Testing Analysis page. See the "Load Testing Analysis Page" help topic for details:

Best regards,

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