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Quick Checkpoint not focusing on text box

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Quick Checkpoint not focusing on text box

Quick Checkpoint not focusing on text box

I am new to Test Complete and have installed the trial version of it. I am going through the sample tutorial at the moment and i am experiencing a problem with the Quick checkpoing not focuing on text to show the contentTEXT. It will only highlight the main window in red.
I am using the tutorial:

Can anyone help?


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The TestComplete Browser Plug in did not install correctly or disabled.

Please make sure your Broswer plug in is enabled in the browser and the red rectangle will start showing around different tag elements in the page.




 Hi, Thanks for the reply, i have checked and the TestComplete Browser Plug is installed properly and is enabled.

The red rectangle is only showing around the chrome Legacy Window... the red rectangle is not highlighting anything other than the main webpage...

That means you are running an updated version of the browser without having the latest plug in installed for TestComplete.

It will depend on which version of TestComplete you have installed and if you have all the latest updates for the browser plugins.

Please open a support ticket with SmartBear and pass them all your TestComplete version info and Browser version and build number and they should be able to help you out




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Hi @louise,

Were you able to resolve the issue? Please let us know if you need any more assistance.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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