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Property VBScipt runtime error


Property VBScipt runtime error



i am interacting an error then i am using WaitWPFObject function. Maybe i am doing something wrong, i can't understand why do i get this kind of error.


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It seems something is not in sync NameMapping and Object you are calling


Can you please check again the Obj using Object Spy

or please provide some more information of Obj spy window


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Thank you for helping anupamchampati !


@DainiusA Did you solve this? Please share more details with the Community if you didn't.

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Sorry for keeping you waiting so long for the reply


Then i try to use Object spy it highlights the window for me that i am waiting for.

I have even tried to make a new project and re-map the objects, still getting the same error.

I am not sure what kind of information would be most useful for the people who are trying to help me... If you need anything i can provide it, just let me know

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Initial screenshot is too small and not readable. Could you paste the code, indicate the failing line and provide the error message?


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@DainiusA ! As far as I see, the issue appears when you call the WaitWPFObject method. You use 0 as a timeout - try increased the time to wait for an object. Set it to 5000 and check if the issue persists.


Here's the link to the full-sized image from the original post

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