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Project Opens and Aliases Missing


Project Opens and Aliases Missing

The project I work on daily opened today and the name mapping is present, but none of the Aliases are. How do I get the aliases back? My keyword tests are useless w/o those aliases.

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Open the test log and find the “The object does not exist” message in it.

(Optional). To view the test commands that posted the error message, double-click that message in the test log. TestComplete will open the test containing the problematic command and highlight that command in the test.

After you selected the error message in the log, examine the description that is shown in the Details panel for the message. The description contains the alias of the missed object.

Double-click the alias to open the Name Mapping editor and highlight the alias in it. The editor will “tell” you that the alias is empty.

The issue is when the project file is opened, the section where the aliases are is empty. They are gone, all missing. Wondering if maybe the name mapping file itself got corrupted somehow. I opened a ticket with TestComplete support.

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