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Problems on one PC: 'dotNET' is undefined

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Problems on one PC: 'dotNET' is undefined


I have a dotNet .dll that I can't get the TestComplete 7.52 test script to access on one PC. It is a virtual PC running Windows/XP. Problem seems to start after the latest Windows Update.

It is working fine on other PC'es - and on the PC with problems I can run other .net applications outside TestComplete.

It seems not to be a problem with StrongNameVerification since this is set as on the other PC'es where I don't see the problem.

I have Reinstalled TC 7.52 and Executer after I checked that the .net class support was active - but still having problems.

The CLR-bridge property referes to my .dll as:


and the instruction giving the error "'dotNET' is undefined" is:

    var myFileIO = dotNET.BK_Platform_Tools_TestTools.FileIO.zctor();   

What else can be relevant to check in TestComplete?

Hi Jan,

This problem seems to occur due to .NET Framework updates. See this SQAforums thread for a fix.
TestComplete Customer Care Engineer

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