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Problems installing TestComplete 14.2 on WIndows 10


Problems installing TestComplete 14.2 on WIndows 10

Yesterday I was upgradiing from the previous version (14.10 I think), to 14.2 on two machines, one of our CI machines and my own workstation.


Installation on the CI machine went smoothly.


When I went to install on my machine, I started having errors. I had several applications open, and let it try to close and restart them after install. Unfortunately, after the install, I can no longer open TestComplete without it crashing immediately.

I've tried uninstalling, rebooting, repairing, none of them seem to work. I've even tried out clearing a few registry keys in case something was holding on to it.


Attached is a screenshot of one of the errors I'm seeing.

Any advice/ideas? This is the first failure I've had for an upgrade, and I'm a bit worried about recommending we update to the latest version now.

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If it was me, I would uninstall, make sure all the directories are gone, then install from scratch and restore my project from backup.   Or you can always contact Support directly.  Here's the link:


And stop messing with the registry!  Nothing good ever comes from that.


It turns out that an overzealous corporate antivirus was the problem. IT informed me and now it all works.

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