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Problems after TestComplete update


Problems after TestComplete update

I have updated TestComplete to version and with this version, certain graphical objects are no longer recognized. In particular, the Chrome login window is not recognized. Before this update, everything was working. I had to uninstall and install I do not remember which version was prior to and I would like to reinstall that version. Do you know if it is possible to download a particular version of TestComplete?

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What does the Chrome login window look like?


Hi there @lodecesa 


i have the exact same issue were my pop up messages where I need to click on ''confirm'' or ''ok'' its no longer been recognized after the version update.This is the 2nd time i am experiencing this after an after.

The 1st time i was told that i need to suddenly downgrade my chrome version to 103. now I have the issue again after the latest version update last week.


i have logged a call and am still waiting for a response since Friday


I have  a similar problem.
I am using a Testcomplete 15.48 version and Chrome Version 111.0.5563.65 (Official Build) (64-bit) and start my test at the beginning with Chrome incognito modus -
in Version 15.48 everything is working.
I updated to 15.49 and the test fails as the the browser can not be opened or the page navigation does not work.
I deinstalled the 15.49 version, installed 15.48 again and everything is working correct again.


Depending on the licence model you have you can either check the smartbear web page login at the License System and check if you can download the version, 
or you can download it from your licence manager
near our licence there is a download button, if you press it you can choose the product version you want to download.
Take care, as i know it is not possible to downgrade the version. So if you have 15.49.x installed and want to install 15.48.x you have to deinstall 15.48.x first and then install 15.49.x


After update to Version 15.51 Chrome login window should work again.

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