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Problem with Widows 10 TestComplete 12: Developer Express controls don't work if system font is 125

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Problem with Widows 10 TestComplete 12: Developer Express controls don't work if system font is 125

When I worked with TestComplete 11 on Windows 7, my Developer Express controls in the test worked on system fonts 100 and 125. I apply to controls by object name, I never use coordinates. For some reason on Windows 10 the same test works only on system font 100. When I run it on system font 125, the test click objects in incorrect place: as if it looks for the control in the same coordinate where it was when the font was 100. Can anybody help?

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Your post subject says TestComplete 12 but you say TestComplete 11 in your post. Did you upgrade to Windows 10 AND TestComplete 12? The reason I ask this is to help narrow down the issue to either OS or Test Complete. If it is a result of the OS change you could probably run TestComplete in compatibility mode to see if it resolves the issue. If it is functionality that changed between TestComplete version then I would suggest contacting support.

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Also to add @Ryan_Moran never ever update two things at OS, AUT, TC

for eg Once I got in to a mess-up by testing new build version of AUT just after upgrading testcomplete.

I didn't know errors are due to AUT or TC new version.


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Hi to all!

I already answered these questions by e-mail, I copy my answer here:

I did not update 2 things simultaneously. I changed only windows: passed from Windows 7 to Windows 10. At that point I worked with TestComplete 11. On Windows 10 the same TestComplete 11 stopped recognizing Developer Express objects by their names. I run tests on Win10 on the same resolution and text size as I did on Win7.

Only after this I decided to try TestComplete 12, hoping that maybe this problem is solve in TestComplete 12. But it was not solved, TestComplete 12 woked in the same way as TestComplete 11. Please help.


Best Regards,



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"I already answered these questions by e-mail"



Hi alla_1 -


If you emailed support already, then you should stick with that while they work on your issue.  This forum is not meant for support issues.


Good luck!


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Hi Marsha_R

I did not write to Support yet, but I will do it tomorrow because meantime I did not get any help from community and could not solve a problem myself. Thank you for your replies.



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