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Objects inside chromium web browser that is embedded in WPF control are not getting recogized

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Objects inside chromium web browser that is embedded in WPF control are not getting recogized

Dear Support Team,


We are trying to automation an application that has chromium web browser embedded in a WPF control. While all the WPF controls are getting recognized by tool, the controls exists in the embedded chromium browser were not recognized by the test complete (v11.30). Please help us in this regard, and do share the patches required or configuration required in project settings.


Ex: Sys.Process("<ProcessName>").WPFObject("HwndSource: mainWindow").WPFObject("mainWindow").WPFObject("mainBorder").WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("MainGrid").WPFObject("contentGrid").WPFObject("navControl").WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 2).WPFObject("Border", "", 1).WPFObject("content").WPFObject("ReportWebPageView", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("Grid", "", 1).WPFObject("ChromiumWebBrowser", "", 1)


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To go along with @Marsha_R's post, one item of note in the article she posted is that, in order to test CEF stuff, you need to have a Web license of TestComplete.  Confirm your licensing and make sure you have both Desktop and Web module licenses.

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